PumpSmart® Variable Frequency Drive Systems


ps200PS200 v5

Industrial strength Pump Control THE Drive to use for either stand-
alone process control OR as the drive for your DCS. The PS200
incorporates all the latest PumpSmart features, including
SMARTFLOW, Advanced Pump Protection, Flow Economy,
SMARTCONTROL, and many more. 208VAC-690VAC, 1kW-1MW


ps75PS75 v2

The PumpSmart PS75 is a technologically advanced system that
provides integral soft-starting, protection against pump failure due
to process upsets, and the ability to Right-Size your pump in one
easy to use package.


loadmonsPS10 and PS20 Load Monitors

Developed for fixed speed pumping applications, the PumpSmart
family of load monitors offers unsurpassed protection from
underload and overload conditions that most often result in
mechanical seal damage or premature pump failure.